Configuring the Teams Integration

This article will provide a walkthrough on how to setup the Teams Integration with the bvoip phone system.

Updated at April 23rd, 2024


To complete this integration successfully, you will need Global Administrator rights to the Microsoft 365 tenant in question.

You will also need one of each of the following licenses available to complete this process:

  • Microsoft Business Basic (or any higher plan that includes Teams)
  • Teams Phone Standard

These licenses will be consumed by the integration user until you complete the setup, but then they will be released back to the pool.


Configuring the Teams Integration

Follow each of the guides below in order to configure the Teams integration.

  1. Activating the Microsoft 365 Integration
  2. Setup and Verify the Teams Domain
  3. Integration User Setup and Adding Users
  4. Running the Teams Activation Scripts

Post Integration Adjustments

Once the integration has been completed, the following items must be reviewed and actioned: 

  1. Set the outbound rules for the integration so that calls are able to be made out. See Setting Teams based Outbound Rules for guidance. 
  2. If you are using call queues with Teams Voicemail, you will need to adjust your call queue ring time to be less than 20 seconds per person so that it will not trigger the voicemail.
  3. If you're planning on using 1stream in Teams, add the 1stream Teams application! See Setting up the 1stream Application for Teams. 
  4. If you are looking to user Teams voicemail, read through Setting up Teams Voicemail
  5. When you need to add additional users down the line, see Adding Users Post-Teams Integration.